Restless Dreamer -PART 2 ( With KEITH ALLEN)

Story Behind The Song

I asked Keith if he'd be interested in a sequel to our Pink Floyd inspired first track for a laugh...and to my delight he was. Keith sent me the basic structure/ melody of the song, which was a song idea he made up in the late 1980's i believe. I wrote the basic lyrics more or less straight away..and keith added some others to it. We wanted to expand the idea of this guy who wants to be a famous rock star and thinks he has hit the big time. (Also found religion). Thanks again Keith. And thanks for listening. :-) DARREN - DRUMS/ SYNTHS/ ORGAN / AUDIO EFFECTS KEITH- BASS/GUITARS/VOCALS

Song Length 5:36 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Cheerful Subject Luck/Coincidence
Similar Artists Pink Floyd / Beatles Language English
Era 2000 and later



I've seen it...I've seen the light...Like a crazy diamond in the night
No more dreaming, no more scheming for me, just wait and see yeah
I signed the contract, on the dotted line and it's time, this time, it's time

He said he's gonna make me a big, big star
I don't know how, but he said I'd go far,
He said he'd saw my advert that I posted in spar,
He wears a nice suit, and smokes a cigar
Well I used to be so damn restless
It used to keep me up at night all night long ...But now that's gone

Now I've seen it, I've seen the light...
Yeah I've seen it and it shines so... bright (x2)

No more time spent fantasizing (Like a daydreaming fool)
Sat in front of my TV watching (Another Brick in the Wall)

(CHORUS) followed by (A Religious Rant)

No more dreaming, no more scheming for lil ol' me...?
((Rock Break))

This is what I wanted all my life...A million girlfriends and no wife!
This is what I wanted all my life...Well I Rocked in...I won't Bug out...bug out
(Plays Self Help Tape)
He said he's gonna take me to the top of the charts,
He didn't say how, but I'm gunna go far
He got me my first gig, down town at Joe's bar,
He took me in a taxi, coz he don't have no car.

Now Ive seen the light...Now Ive seen the lie ...vice-versa

Lyrics : D.Gibbons and K.Allen @8/2017

Lyrics Darren Gibbons / Keith Allen Music Keith / Allen / Darren Gibbons
Performance Keith Allen /Darren Gibbons

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