Always Taken

Story Behind The Song

This was completely inspired by the fact that I probably went through... I think it was four... four crushes, in all cases they were either completely uninterested or already seeing someone. (Although, for the record, all of the content of the song is co

Song Description

Every potential girl's already got a guy. Bummer. Almost a punk song, it's got fast-moving vocoded lyrics next to a comfortable melody line and a catchy chorus. Definitely the kind of song that gets stuck in your head.

Song Length 4:17 Genre Pop - Rock
Mood Jovial, Content Subject Searching for Love, Teens
Language English Era 2000 and later


Always Taken
By Danny Wiessner

Verse 1:
I think that selfishness is part of our humanity.
It's just a given that we want whatever we think we'd like:
A new computer or a puppy or a manatee,
Or jelly sandwich or a car or brand new Yamaha bike.

Well, it seems there's only one thing I am lacking:
A little girly I could call my own.
But, it seems that ev?ry time I get my sights in line,
She's got a boyfriend waiting by in my peripheral!

I?ve come to know this:
I?m prob'ly hopeless.
She?ll never notice me...
And, if I am not mistaken, it's like the girls I like are always taken!

Verse 2:
So, like, there's Tina with her teeny-bopper pony tail,
Her yellow high-tops and a smile ev'ry day of the week.
Who couldn't fall for such a pretty little 'Eighties Gal'?
She's always roller-skating by when I get out of P.E.

Couple weeks ago, I saw her at the movies,
Sitting right behind an empty seat.
But when I fin'ly tried to turn around and talk to her,
She's with a guy who looks like Arthur Fonzarelli!


Jenn's with a guy in the marching band,
And Lin's with 'new guy' Sam...
Val's with Lee. Who will be
With me?

Verse 3:
Then there was one time when I met a girl named Isabel.
She just broke up with Ron and seemed to need a comforting talk.
I asked her if she'd like to join me for some food that night.
Said she'd love to and we stood up and we went for a walk.

Said I'd pick her up a quarter after seven.
Said I'd have her home by half-past ten.
Six-o-clock came by and when I thought I had it down,
She called it off because they patched things up on MSN!

Chorus X3

Lyrics Daniel Wiessner Music Daniel Wiessner
Producer Daniel Wiessner Performance Daniel Wiessner
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