Your Lies

Story Behind The Song

The songwriter Danielle Brittany wrote, "Your Lies," after being in an emotionally abusive relationship. She was in a relationship with someone who had childhood/fame/child star, family, women, money, drinking, and drug-related issues. The song, "Your Lies," was a reflection of a time in her life when she was unhappy and is a reminder of the unhealthy relationship she endured. She now sees the song as a beacon of hope and a story of how she grew the strength to walk away. She hopes that this song will help those in similar situations.

Song Description

This song is about being in an abusive relationship for way too long. The first verse is describing a person's pain after a blow out fight. It's a verse that takes place in the calm of the storm while that person is collecting their thoughts much like someone would pick up debris and try to salvage what has been scattered after a natural disaster. In this case it's the act of infidelity. The listener is open to interpret the wrong doing. The chorus is the narrator telling that unfaithful partner that they pity them. The chorus is telling the partner that karma will get them. It's a warning. It's also pointing out the weaknesses of that person saying that they're an empire about to fall and the narrator is going to have a front row seat to that show. The second verse describes a little bit about the infidel partner. It reveals their drinking problem and it reveals that this person is a psychological mess. The bridge is quite the curse on the unfaithful partner. This changes the dynamic of the song and usually is the part that raises an eyebrow. Strong wishes of sadness, emptiness, harm, and ill-health are threatening and harsh. It is in this bridge that you see the anger of the narrator for all they've endured: the disrespect, the selfishness, the insecurities, and the carelessness. Many people find the bridge to be an eye opener due to the line of, "I hope you catch something there is no cure for, " but the line was said due to the fact of the matter. The infidel was sexually promiscuous in a supposed monogamous relationship. It is merely the narrators way of saying, "I hope that bites you in the ass." The bridge is a hex but also a sign of strength. The narrator is placing themselves above the situation. "Your lies," is a song that many people can relate to.

Song Length 4:53 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Classic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse 1:
Is anybody out there
can anybody hear the tears I cry
is anybody out there tonight
I'm lying on a bathroom floor
watching the blood run down my hands
I know he hears me god I know he hears me
but he doesn't come
was it pride or guilt in the way
why am I always to blame
I know what you did
you know what you did
live with it
live with it

Someday you will find
when your luck runs dry in time
someday you will find
that you set all your bridges alight
and you know now that your star is fading
and I'll be right here watching just waiting
someday you will find
that you're all alone20in your lies

Verse 2:
Another bottle empty
Hushing the demons that you fight
another bottle empty tonight
I'm holding my head in my hands
how did I let it get this far
I want you to hold me
but you can't console me
why, what have you done
and it's always the same
I know now that you can't change
I know what you did, you know what you did
live with it
live with it


I have a prayer for you
my dear
I hope the drinks leave you thirsty
the girls leave you empty
and you can't sleep at night
I hope you catch something there is no cure for
true colors shown
you'll be all alone
(spoken) "I hope she was worth it."


Lyrics Danielle Brittany Music Jordan Nims and Danielle Brittany
Producer Jordan Nims Publisher MMTK
Performance Danielle Brittany Label MMTK
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