Hello Sally

Song Length 4:04 Genre Rock - Modern


Hello Sally
(radio edit available)

Hello Sally Jesse Raphael
It's really great to be here on your show
Just when I thought the world don't
give a damn.

Your show called back to lend
a helping hand.

The hotel room was nice as it could be
sure beats the trailor back in Kankakee
if you don't mind I'll stay an extra day
There's nothing much to go home to anyway

Did you see my face on the tv screen
They all love me

jenny Jones
man you're looking fine
but she's done and fucked things up this time
the kid aint mine, she had another man
somehow I knew you would understand

Hello Maury, thanks for being you
I watch you everyday on channel twenty two
Lord knows I'd half of texas in my bed
but she'll find out better on your show instead

Did you see my face on the tv screen
we all love you

Lyrics Dan Myers Music Dan Myers
Producer Mike Drost and Dan Myers
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