Whispering Winds (Weeds)

Story Behind The Song

As long as we live, it's never to late to change.

Song Description

The song questions the subjects past impact on humanity while in the human/mortal plane of existence and presents a choice (Heaven or Hell) for the subjects future regarding the rest of her mortal years and etermity on a future plane of existense beyond m

Song Length 4:58 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Moving Subject Existence, Age, Aging
Similar Artists Led Zeppelin, Phil Collins Language English
Era 2000 and later


Copyright, Cyprian, 2000-04


Whispering winds are blowing
In and out of mind
Telling her she?s slowly
Running out of time
Time for deeper mysteries
Immense Immortal calls
Sought from upon bended knees
Through fleshy mortal crumbling walls
The question that now haunts her
Is really nothing new
Throughout her mortal years somehow
She?s known that she must choose
Retroactively she scans
The slideshow of her life
Throughout her brief existence ran
A somehow self-inflicted strife
Hidden cosmic portals
Taunt her every move
Beckoning her both equally
Which portal will she finally choose?
One opens to ecstasy
The other dreadful tears
The key she?s forged throughout her life
With pain and hope and love and fear
There?s no turning back again
Has she planted fruitful seeds?
Racing through the labyrinth
She spies so many fruitless weeds
She tries to shake relentlessly
The dread of wasted years
Time she spent so senselessly
Time to face her fears
The crossroads are in sight my friend
Is hope a shattered dream
Now she feels she?s reached the end
Though so much more remains unseen

Lyrics Cyprian Music Cyprian
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