Ascension ~ with Trinity

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It is always such a pleasure, working with you Greg, on this, and every collaboration, with your wonderful music and great production skills! Thank you for your outstanding talent and friendship in music!

Song Length 4:57 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Pop - Europop
Era 2000 and later


Cool and Blue
The evening ends
Another close of day begins
Another night
Another night
Of missing you

I feel your heartbeat
On southern winds
I feel the life line
You throw me
I'm missing you
I'm missing you

I'm wading through
Wet sand again
I thought I came to take a stand
Feels like you hardly know me
Oh, hardly know me

But when alone
In rarified air
You come to me and show me
If only for a little while
Perhaps you care, you really care


The past is just
A foggy dream
With faces worth remembering
They serve to teach
And light the way
Recalling all the good things

And today is sweet with peace
In knowing that some Greater One unseen
Has shown us all to teach
The ways of love
To love one another
To teach the ways of love

And did I mention
Just to have you here
Love is ascension
Our connection so dear
We feel the waves of our passion
Our passion

Love is ascension, it's so clear to me
Just having you near
Is where I want to be
Please forgive me
For loving you so

But, I didn't want to need you
But now I know
So bring me around
To where you are
Sip the nectar
That you've found
And bring me around from afar
So I may see
The beauty that you are
The beauty that you bring to me

Oh Love is Ascension
Love is ascension
Love is ascension
It's so clear to me
Love is ascension
Having you here is where I want to be
Love is ascension

Music: Trinity~Greg Beale
Lyrics: Cyndi Corkran
Copyright 2020

Lyrics Cyndi Corkran Music Trinity~Greg Beale
Producer Trinity~Greg Beale Performance Trinity~Greg Beale/Cyndi Corkran
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