Land of Second Chances

Story Behind The Song

snapshot of parents relationship when father was stationed in Korea and communicating through letters with mother in the US

Song Description

trying to maintain a relationship and communicating through the rough patches

Song Length 3:14 Genre Country - Traditional


In the land of second chances, where drunks and lovers go
You can ask me the impossible and I won't say no
Manna falls from heaven and the streets are paved with gold
Everyone is happy and the King sings there I'm told

The first time that you left me was the first time that I smiled
Since the day I met you and my God it's been awhile
Your pickup kicks up dust and pulls up to my restaurant
In the land of second chances that's probably what I want


The second time you left me was the first time that I cried
I didn't read your letters but the good lord knows I tried
Roughnecks and the cowboys have long since moved along
In the land of second chances I'm singing you this song


The Jukebox gone, the coffee's on your picture's off the wall
Little things I know you'd notice seem to say it all
You take my hand you're still my man, I hope we've seen the worst
In the land of second chances, I needed to come first


Lyrics JoAnna Wilson and Nigel Wilson Music Nigel Wilson and JoAnna Wilson
Producer Curt Wilson Performance Lexi Kerr and Nigel Wilson
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