I am Coming Home

Song Length 2:29 Genre Rock - Alternative


Tearing apart by my seams again
Scratching my arms and my cheeks again
Fighting to keep up, to stay up
We all fall down

You're ripping yourself into shreds again
Sweating out all of your meds again
Taking whatever you can,
Well i guess it'll do

We've been waiting here in the cold for as long as I can remember
But the fire's warm and we'll be fine
But now there's nothing more than embers

I'm thinking about what they said again
The throbbing comes back to my head again
I am a vengeful bag of bones
I am coming home

Lyrics Nigel A. Wilson Music Nigel A. Wilson
Producer Nigel and Curt Wilson Publisher zero2ten
Performance Nigel A. Wilson Label Carousel Music Group
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