Fear In Our Eyes

Song Length 4:43 Genre Rock - Alternative


The whole room shook as they took us by surprise
Strength in their numbers and fear in our eyes
Flames dancing at the tips of our fingers
To the tune of soft piano and Canadian singers

Lights twisted in the parking lot around us
A sea of blue and red and white started to surround us
Beyond that, not much else to see
I don't know about you, but almost nothing's left of me

Cried out in panic-I was surprised that you didn't
Felt like forever 'till they managed to end it
Cold concrete made contact as my face bruised the floor
Vantage point as tens of shoes ran out the door

Someone was shouting to help everyone along
I know what I did
And I know what I did was wrong.

Lyrics Nigel A. Wilson Music Nigel A. Wilson
Producer Nigel and Curt Wilson Publisher zero2ten
Performance Nigel A. Wilson Label Carousel Music Group
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