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I think I will be writing this a lot for these things as I did not know I would have to judge the work of others after paying. Another issue is that I do not know what the composer (uh you? Hello ).
So certain questions are hard to answer such as market potential. I am sorry Mr or Miss Artist, this is my first review , and I am complaining about the way the place is run. I would feel more justified in judging your piece if I hired you to compose it. But here goes - I liked the progression very nice, soulful , a little remorseful, it sounded like familiar. I don't know what you were thinking as you wrote it, but yeah could have a verse to like a almost gospel ballad. Or the music underneath, some closing credits of melodrama TV series episode, that had a slightly less than perfect ending. It's to bad in this section of the site BJ limits the genres the reviewer can choose from to 7 or so compared to the 800 listed in other places. See below for more on that, please.

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