Song Length 4:01 Genre R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Irritated Subject You, Yours, Musician
Similar Artists Timbaland, Usher Language English
Era 2000 and later


I'm sick and tired of hearin' all this sh**t
You be talkin' 'bout me I ain't gonna quit
Just because you would like to see me walk away
You say I'm a fake and i've got nothing to say
You couldn't be more wrong at the end of the day
You'll realize this is my game and I know how to play it
You probably already know
But you just can't let it just can't let it show
'Cause you're so damn worried what other people might say
There is a possibility they'll disagree
But in time we will find out now won't we
Stand up you phony and tell me honestly

What you got against me
Am I the enemy
Do you want me to be
Watch out for your own sake
D'ya think you keep it real
Do you think you know the deal
Wanna know how I feel
You're the one who's fake

You come 'round sayin' "you're the man"
Sayin' things like "I'm your biggest fan"
For some reason you wanna shake my hand
What you're saying makes no sence
You better stop the pretence
If you don't feel my flow I take no offence
But you've got to stop
Disrespecting me when I'm not around
Tellin' people that you hate my sound
That you despise my every track every beat
You wanna see me knocked off my feet
If you really feel that way
I've got one thing to say
Man you're in the wrong business
I hate two faced people and cowardice


'Cmon confess
You hate my success
It causes you stress
And I know this
If you've got something to say
There's nothing I won't take
But I'll tell you anyway
You're the one who's fake


Lyrics Lauri Pihlap Music Lauri Pihlap
Producer Kaido Põldma, Johannes Lõhmus Publisher Downtown Records
Performance Soul militia

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