Song Length 6:49 Genre Rock - Classic

I think the vocals and instrumentation perfectly scratch that Foreigner/Journey type itch without feeling like it's a flat-out copy. Kicking into the distorted guitars more on the choruses was a great idea, as I think those make you really look forward to the chorus every time. I also think the solo sounds nice and hits some super pleasantly surprising notes.

Very well written and well arranged piece with a great riff and a great overall feel. Guitar and drum work are both great.

Nice intro, reminiscent of Metallica. Then, transitions into the heart of the song, propelled by some powerful, kick-ass guitar riffs. I liked the segmentation of the song, not repetitive, with interesting changes throughout, which were needed, given the length of the song. Nice vocal style with a high pitch reminiscent of Triumph. Also, I really liked the outro, with some nice power-ballad style finger picking.

Nice recording. Vocals were pitch perfect! I really liked the crystal clear vocals and guitar during the verses then the raunchy guitars coming in on the chorus in contrast. NIce work!!

Nice 70's rock feel.

The song reminds me of Kansas.

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