Miles Away

Story Behind The Song

All those blind alleys we look down everyday

Song Length 3:29 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Still, Quiet Subject Life, General
Similar Artists Ryan Adams, Wilco Language English
Era 2000 and later


Slipping and sliding
On the tear in my jeans
Falling up the hillside
Chasing after dreams
Rear view mirror
There's nothing there to see
The night comes close
There's nothing to believe

Another blind alley
And I close my eyes
'Cause I know I gotta
Look inside
Over and over and over again
I guess it's time to fly
It's miles away
It's miles away
Run when the dam break
Grab my bags
Gotta go where the cold winds blow

Running and looking
And skipping at the dance
All the days laughing
On the seat of our pants
Turning in circles
Seeing in a trance
Flying to the moon
We're lying in the sand


Nothing in the middle
Nothing at the end
The pages in the book
Not making any sense
Trouble to the right
Trouble to the left
Everything we got
Just to make the rent


great feel to this really enjoyed listening to it words meant something and the singer got the feeling across well

Upbeat folk song. Song really comes to life in the chorus, really good memorable hook there with good instrumental arrangement. I like the vocal performance. Nice subtle vocal harmonising. Keyboard sounds nice and lush.

like the way the guitar is recorded in the intro. nice lyrics and fine phrasing. piano adds nice character when added - and added at a nice time in the arrangement. soft b/u vocals blend in very nicely.

Really enjoyed this song.......liked the vocal.......good piano and guitar....

Lyrics Brad Boerger Music Brad Boerger
Producer Billy Pilgrim, Sue Malloy Publisher Coyote Collective
Performance Coyote Collective

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