Where to Go (Don't Know)

Song Length 3:32 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Where to Go (Don?t Know)

I know what I know but I can?t always say what I mean
I think that I know where I?m going but can?t say where I?ve been
So you see I am running on empty

Hey yeah I?m looking but I just can?t find
Something to give me any peace of mind
Hey yeah I want to but I just don?t know
Where to go from here, don?t know where to go

I see only what I want to see so I guess that makes me blind
How can I know what?s coming up ahead
if I don?t know what I?ve left behind
don?t want to hear that I?m bound by my fear

I guess I just not supposed to be easy but can?t we make it a little easier

I?ve reached for the stars so I know how brightly they shine
I?ve given everything that I have, I?d give more if I had more time
But you can?t always see all you need to believe

Lyrics Colleen Mann Music Colleen Mann
Producer Jake Johnson Performance Colleen Mann: Vocals,acoustic guitar/ Mac Corey: electric &acoustic guitar/ Klaus Nitsch: Bass/ John Malina:Drums
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