Song Length 5:55 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Progressive Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


First no sound or life
Endless space
No life or movement

Molding earth creatively
Into beings, the twins of north and south
?Who are we? And why??

Make a place for them to bleed
Wait for evil, then issue a cure
Sense decay, die

First no sickness and no pain
Then came the talker
with disbelief

Rain of fire cleansing deeds
Those who violate rules set to lead
Follow the rain down

Play the hand you?ve been dealt
Glisten, drown

As earth turns into fire
Mountains turn to dust
Stay there in the fire
Had your chance, now it?s lost
Dawns this worlds demise

Barren land is all you see
For the upheaval
They all had to die

So leave it all tonight
Erase it all tonight

You?re sheltered on your way to paradise
Escape this worlds demise
The greater good dictating who survives
To the other side
See you on the other side

Lyrics Joachim Dahlberg Music Alx Reuterskiƶld
Producer Closer Performance Closer
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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