Waiting Room of Hope

Song Description

Sometimes the journey is better than the destination.

Song Length 4:35 Genre Country - Bluegrass, Country - Americana
Lead Vocal Duet Female Language English
Era 2000 and later


He drives a Mazerati, from the restaurant
to the Lot
He's a Nashville valet, he's young and he's hot
A good guitar picker, with a twang you could cut
Doing gigs and parking cars and waiting
for his shot
He's living in the waiting room
The waiting room of hope
Luckily the room is full of lots of other folk
Self deceiving, still believing, scheming his schemes
Living in the waiting room and dreaming his dreams

He's starting a small business in the proverbial garage
His hard working wife believes, he's the next Steve Jobs
He meets with the investors and tries to make them his pitch
But worried that he's sent their lives into an endless ditch

It's all about me and it's all about you
What we think and what we do
Where we focus, what we see
It's all about you, it's all about me

As for me I'm pouring coffee in a neighborhood cafe
Waitressing and writing songs and waiting for the day
When a big recording star calls and asks for my ok
Records my song and makes a hit and sends me on my way

It's all about you, it's all about me...

Lyrics Susan Nikas Music Susan Nikas
Producer Susan Nikas/Dennis Caplinger Performance Susan Nikas, Les Johnson, Dennis Caplingr
Label Clay County
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