Oh I Love the Irish Songs

Story Behind The Song

true story

Song Length 5:28 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Bluegrass
Subject I, Me, Mine Similar Artists Tim O'Brian
Era 1800 - 1899


My mom's granddad was an Irishman
Who died when he was young
A railway brakeman crushed to death
At the coming of the dawn
He left a widow and two young daughters
To a fate unknown
And they worked a homestead in North
Trying to make a home

Oh I love the Irish songs
So lonesome and so long
Yes I love the Irish songs
When I'm in a mood to mourn

He drank good whisky and danced to a fiddle and sang the sad ol'songs
But his red hair and his railway watch
were all he passed along
My mother got his dark red hair and sang Sweet Molly Malone
And her mother missed him all her life
Until her race was run

Oh I love the Irish songs...

Both his widow and his daughters are now dead and gone
His fate is forgotten, but his music lives on
When a plaintive fiddle takes me to a land unknown
And a sad ol' song makes me, want to stop and mourn

Oh I love the Irish songs....

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