I Swear (#1)

Story Behind The Song

The basic reason why most men don't want to get married. But rest assured, it's not from a lack of love or caring.

Song Description

The original version of the song with my good friends, Kit, on harmonica and Okihiro on bass.

Song Length 4:05 Genre Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Marriage Language English


My friend Dick sat me down to say, here?s a thing you got to learn
I got love that?s stronger than words from a preacher with words to burn
Now you might say I?m a playing guy with a taste for a pretty thing
But all my love can?t be locked away inside an ity-bity golden ring

But I swear, Yes I swear, Oh I swear yeah I will care
Oh I swear, Yeah yeah, Oh I swear yeah I will care

Although it?s my way
I?m counting all my days
The California way

Now I don?t care what your daddy say but there?s a thing he?s gotta learn
If life don?t change it?s all the same and either way we?re gonna burn
Now I can?t lie to the holy guy that I aint gonna ever change
And I don?t buy that diamond love when a lady wants to ball and chain


Repeat chorus 3x

Chris Knobler

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Producer ck Performance ck, Kit (harmonica), Okihiro (bass)
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