Hold On

Story Behind The Song

It's a conversation between you and the loved one's who have died before you. This was inspired by my grandfather's 90th birthday.

Song Length 5:57 Genre Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Subject Life Language English


Sweet is the air that blows thru the groves
Sun thru the leaves where nobody knows
Longing for light as the darkness comes close
Remember that life is young and it?s old
Leave us no more without your embrace
Bring your life thru with all of our grace

Hold on my brother and hold on my son
Hold on my lover until time has won
Hold on my father, I promise I?ll come
Hold on sweet mother, to you I will run
And hold on my dear friends, it?s all been so fun
Hold on together, we soon will be one

Go to a place where the love still grows
Open your hands and keep your eyes closed
There on the shore we will show you what?s been
Comfort your heart again and again
Cast off your will and float down the stream
Let the world go and let yourself dream

Hold on my sister and hold on my son
Hold on my daughter, my beautiful one
?..repeat as above

Repeat 1st chorus

Chris Knobler
81-824-23-2879 (japan)

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