Help Me Freud

Song Description

It all makes perfect sense.

Song Length 3:55 Genre Rock - Ska, World - Reggae/Carribean
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Evolution Language English


I got something I see in the middle of the night
A big hairy cloud of curls in black and white
And I think I just said somethin not quite right
But it slipped right out my mouth without a fight

So help me freud, I'm gonna go out of my head
All the things I see in bed
All my sheets are drippin wet
Help me Freud, I'm gonna find out what it meant
All the crazy things I said
I'm gonna lay it all to rest

I got something I see from time to time
A staight and narrow road near a flashing sign
X X X-tasy in a neon light
buzz buzz buzz in the dark like the scene of a crime

repeat chorus

Well I see what the problem is
Love is sometimes lust, that's all it is
Well it all makes perfect sense
A happy cock is one with many hens

repeat chorus

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