In Two Minds

Song Length 3:37 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Sanity/Insanity
Language English Era 2000 and later


I've got two speeds
flat out and stop
I'm going down
I'm coming up
Are these the ways I'm s'posed to be
Can't help myselves
it's both of me
Live in the future
or the past
I finish first
I'm coming last
I'm on or off
I'm binary
I beg to differ, diagree
I recognise adversity
inside my personality
I suffer from vice-versity
Black and white
Wrong and right
I'm in two minds
If I won't, I just might
overstep the line
Upside-down and inside-out
will someone tell me why
one face smiles
while the other frowns
and I don't wanna take sides
I'm in two minds
I'm in two minds
I'm in two minds
Oh no I'm not
I speak the truth
I'm telling lies
I don't know whether I want fries
I'm full of hope
I'm full of doubt
In disbelief and then devout
I'm seeing someshine
I feel rain
Two hemispheres inside my brain
The glass half-empty
Glass half-full
The door says "push"
and so I "pull"
I ask myself
I wonder why
I'm just this all or nothing guy
Why can't I see me eye to eye?
Apathy, then obsessed
I'm in two minds
At my worst
or at my best,
I'm ill-defined
Positive and negative
it's like I'm magnetised
and if you can guess
which one comes next
you get to win a prize
I'm in two minds
I'm in two minds
I'm in two minds
But maybe
Let the winds of change
blow down my way
I'll pull this face
and that's the way I'll stay
'Cos I don't wanna be
this wannabe
Too many people here inside of me
can you sympathise?
I'm in two minds
I'm in two minds
I'm in two minds
I'm in two minds
I'm in two minds
but on second thoughts....

Lyrics Adam Friedman Music Adam Friedman
Producer Adam Friedman and Toby Friedman Performance Cinematic
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