How I Got Over You

Song Length 3:47 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving
Subject Breaking Up Language English
Era 2000 and later


How I got over you
well I don't really know
Just occured to me one day
that I'd let you go
My photographic memories
have started to fade
and turn a paler shade
I used to give a damn
frankly, but now my dear I don't
Used to be my will to you
but now, well now I won't
And the time we had between us
was just time we had on loan
It wasn't ours to own.
I used to hang around
used to just sit and stew
I used to miss your sound
I've gotten used to you
But now that I've come around
I don't see you shining through
Suddenly seems I've found
I've gotten over you.
Feel like I just woke up
from this dream that you were in
and as the time wear on
there's less and less remembering
My resolve that was once steely
Didn't take that long to rust
From metal into dust
I guess that I just moved on
guess that I tidied up the mess
left behind in boxes with no forwarding address
Now when I'm looking back
it's only when I'm changing lanes
I won't make the same mistake again
And if you hear this song
Hear the words coming through
You don't have to sing along
Because they're not meant for you
I've written it for myself
Believe it because it's true
Suddenly realised
I've gotten over you
Over you
Over you
Over you
How I got over you
well I don't really know.

Lyrics Adam Friedman Music Adam Friedman
Producer Adam Friedman and Toby Friedman Performance Cinematic
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