Fifty Shades Of Grey (Have Taken Her Away)

Story Behind The Song

I read the book and just had to write the song - it came together in a couple of days, literally!

Song Description

Light hearted, toungue-in-cheek spoof song inspired by the best-selling erotic novel 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Song Length 3:07 Genre Unique - Comedy, Unique - Parody
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Engaging Subject Fun, Naughty Sex
Similar Artists Tenacious D, The Pet Shop Boys Language English
Era 2000 and later


Well I am just a simple man and I lead a simple life
But lately I've been wondering what's happened to my wife
She used to keep me company - we used to do OK
But now it seems she's left me for a man called Christian Grey
She's upstairs in the bedroom, I'm down here on my own
I hear the heavy breathing and a loud ecstatic moan
You'd swear she had a man up there but every time I look
She's underneath the covers with that bloody book.

Fifty Shades of Grey have taken her away
Each and every day - reading Fifty Shades of Grey

She went down to her mother's, I went through all the drawers.
I found that bloody book and read it till my eyes were sore
And even though the story was too silly to be real
I followed the shenanigans of Anastasia Steele
For those who have not read it perhaps I should explain
This book comes with a message - 'there's pleasure in the pain'
So tie me to the bedpost, get out your whips and chains
And let's all have a party - reading E.L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey have taken her away
Each and every day - reading Fifty Shades of Grey

I went onto the internet and I was quite surprised
At all the different places selling kinky merchandise
So I got out my credit card there was no time to waste
I ordered everything I could, delivery with haste
I bought restraints and handcuffs and all kind of bondage gear
Some paddles and some nipple clamps, I think you get the idea
And when it was delivered I wrapped it all in red
Tied it with a ribbon and left it on the bed

Fifty Shades of Grey have taken her away
Each and every day - reading Fifty Shades of Grey

She came back from her mother's, she went upstairs to change
Then she came back down again looking very strange
She came right out and asked me - 'was that really you'?
And when I told her 'Yes' she said - 'my God I never knew
That you like pina colada and walking in the rain
Standing by the ocean, knocking back champagne!'
Now upstairs in the bedroom we're at it every night
And I may not be Christian Grey but I think we're doing alright

Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades, Fifty Shades, Fifty Shades of Grey

It helps to keep life interesting I think you will agree
But who is doing what to whom remains a mystery.....

Fifty Shades of Grey - another game to play
Fifty Shades of Grey -what more can I say?

(Laters Babe)

Lyrics Chris Ward Music Chris Ward
Producer Chris Ward Publisher n/a
Performance Chris Ward Label Chris Ward

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