I'm Done

Song Description

Love lost and moving on

Song Length 3:04 Genre Folk - Country, Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Stressed Subject Change, Bad Love
Similar Artists Leonard Cohen Language English


I'm Done

Somebody turn the damn heat up I'm freezing cold
Since I lost my lover I can't keep warm
Its a catch 22 for losing you
Well I miss your touch but not what you put me through

I changed my clothes for you and I changed my hair
Wore those high heeled shoes that you wanted me to wear
Well I'm done I'm done I'm done with pleasing you
I'm leaving you now to do all the things I wanted to

I'll ride through the country on an amtrak train
Stopping in places where no one knows my name
Well I won't turn around and ask your advice
Cause that's something I'd do in my old life

I'll walk all the beaches around this world
Searching for shells with that perfect pearl
I'll drink in the culture from those coastal towns
and I'll dance with the locals till the sun goes down

Lyrics Christine Santelli Music Christine Santelli
Producer Christine Santelli Publisher Big Top Cotton Candy Publishing
Performance Christine Santelli Label Rapid Records
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