Song Length 2:35 Genre Rock - General, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable Language English
Era 2000 and later


Find Out
( *tongue in cheek lyrics all the way!!!)

verse 1 Imagine this just turn around and close your eyes
and then pretend I?m fine to you
with any luck I?ll be a lucky duck
and you?ll be coming home and finally

chorus You?ll find out what a nice guy I can be
When you?ve got something that I need
Yeh you?ll find out more than enough
I?m sure someday

verse 2 You?re like a dream you?re like a dream
I had last week that left me wet in my bed
you?ve opened up a little of Pandora?s box
and I just have to let you in

chorus: To find out what a nice guy I can be
When you?ve got something that I need
Yeh you?ll find out more than enough
I?m sure someday

Bridge: What it takes to make a date what it takes to be a friend
with someone who?s the furthest from perfection

chorus: You?ll find out what a nice guy I can be
When you?ve got something that I need
Yeh you?ll find out more than enough
I?m sure someday

Here's a fun, upbeat wishful thinking love song. Killer intro, great instrumentation, positive and clearly & passionately sung vocal. Great drums. "Imagine this" great opening words. Lucky duck - cute lyric. Great bridge and ending. Love the production of the whole piece.

Extremely-interesting chord progression from the jump, and it never disappointed throughout. Really good tune with lots of promise. The vocal fits the song perfectly and the instruments were overdriven but tastefully done so it didn't sound like mush. Very marketable to my ear with pro dynamics and nice choices in the mix. A+ and I hear Beatles influences in a bunch of places (NOT a bad thing!)

Really cool song with a great beat and a really good riff. Instrumentation is idea for a track like this. To me, this has a Beatle-esque like feel to it. Good work.

Great mix and recording right from the start. Nice arrangement and backing vocals, Strong parts that flow together nicely.

I enjoyed the contract of the edge/drive, but lightness of the tune. A feel good song, that can be turned about. Always a good thing. Reminds me of 60's retro with some Indie rock vibe. Glimpse of The Beatles, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and the Kinks. Well done. Liked the over all punch, wall of guitar feel by the way.

Reminds me a bit of Sum 41 or the White Stripes. Quite clear lyrics, good singing. Can imagine this being used in a youth tv drama, something a bit like American Pie.

nice work, boys! great combination of sounds. vocals are strong and clear. organ is right in there. creative ending reminds me of 70's bands where we had a lot of vocals and we used them!

Very easy to listen too. Reminds me of the "Friends" theme.

Well played, nice guitar riffs. The band sounds tight. Reminds me of fun. or Jellyfish.

Really good. I liked it a lot. Well-written song that has some retro elements, but with a modern feel.

Great tune. Excellent tones that fit together perfectly as a whole. The vocal sound matched the guitar tone and with the lyrics / vibe made for a song better than the sum of its parts. Liked the staccato sound that also helped make for a fresh sound and feel that is extremely appealing. Also liked that slightly harder edge at 1:40. Some complex sounds fitting together with clarity and separation that really worked.

Very cool Beatles influenced song with some Weezer thrown in for good measure. That's always a good thing!

happy uptempo rock/pop track. reminds me of mcartney and 60's style. very summery pop rock, enjoyable track

I really like this , the 60's vibe is awesome...have you ever listened to The Move... great job, gregy likey

Nice harmonies...good clean mix...

Great tune! VERY catchy!

Really enjoyed the song! Very positive feel!

Great song

There's a modern Indie/Rock "Beatles" feeling/version going on here! Great vocals , they really match the music! Instrumentation,arrangement & recording..they all fall in place beautifully together!

Lyrics charlie shock Music charlie shock
Producer jay evjen Publisher shock ent.
Performance charlie shock
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Clean Clean

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