Song Description

Great straight ahead rock tune. The feel of Dave Matthews meets Train.

Song Length 4:39 Genre Pop - Rock


As my final scene snuck up upon me
The angels took their place
Under my Harley?s steal is where I?m lying
The Chevy slipped into my space

I thought I had it all, and I was happy
But my consience began to choke
Regret and fear swelled up an ocean-size tear
For the words I never spoke

Chorus: Did I ever say I loved you
Did I show how much I care
If I could do it all again I?d give you all of me,my dear
Anytime, Anywhere

Did I call you back a little later
Did I promise an empty date
Did I have something or other to do then
Was I sure it could not wait

Now I?ve got all the time I?ve ever wanted
In Heaven we sleep ?til noon
But if I write or call I?ll get no answer here at all
The only shadow of hell that looms



The alarm clock is screaming through my head now
I?ll hit the snooze bar three more times
As I wake and feel just what this nightmare revealed
Well, it?s good to be alive


Lyrics Chad LaMarsh Music Chad LaMarsh
Producer Anthony J. Resta Publisher Chad LaMarsh Music

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