Mighty Conqueror

Story Behind The Song

The Spanish inquisition conquered the natives of Peru, looking for the fountain of youth, instead they found out they have the power to lead us forward.

Song Description

Humans are continually evolving. We place much stock in our youth. To train them and let them be the true leaders they were born to be.

Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Alternative, New Age - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Joyful, Gracious Subject Philosophy, Spirituality
Similar Artists Sting, Toad The Wet Sprocket Language English
Era 2000 and later


Mighty conqueror Key of Gm7

Oh Mighty Conqueror why must you search throughout the world,
Do you expect to find the fountain and gain the youth that you deserve.
Oh Mighty Conqueror high upon your Silver Steed,
Look upon the path you're headed,
Have you planted the right seed?

Cause Demons rise up from the Marshes, from the Marshes,
Quick to seize and reprimand,
But sealed inside a Spirit Higher
The youth are here , (oh wo) to claim this land,
The youth are here, (Oh wo), To take command.


Sealed inside a Spirit Higher,
The youth are here to claim this land (oh wo),
The youth are here (oh wo) to take command (of their lives)


And everytime you take it Higher
Higher than you can reach the youth are here to claim this land ( yes they are) yeah
The youth are here to take command. (of the world as we know it.)

The youth are here (yes, yes yes) the Youth are here.
Their here to help us move forward in a world we cancel what you want.
When you understand that tomorrw comes and your lost but still in sight of God and Nature all as one.

Mighty Conqueror you must lead the way
To a new word


Lyrics Michael Flatt Music Michael Flatt
Producer Michael Flatt Publisher Michael Flatt
Performance Michael Flatt & Doug Stewart Label Michael Flatt

Mighty Conqueror

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