Mary Lee

Story Behind The Song

written for the 21st birthday of her younger sister

Song Description

a song of love from one sister to another

Song Length 3:46 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Pop - Classic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, Charming Subject Sister
Similar Artists Cyndi Lauper, Death Cab for Cutie Language English
Era 2000 and later


Mary Lee Lyrics

Written by: Casey Desmond

I was one
You were two
Out of of three
It was always me and you
And even though
We love our little brother
No one really loves us
Quite like we love each other
Now we're young
But not forever
No matter what
I always want to be together
And when we're old
Over tea
We can laugh
Have twenty cats
And just ignore your allergies
'Cause noboby knows you
Quite like i know you
As far as I can see
You are so beautiful
That it's hardly fair to me
You are my closest friend
And it happened easily
'Cause nobody loves you
Like I love my Mary Lee
Like I love my Mary Lee
You wear my clothes
And I wear yours
When we raid the drawers
It always starts a war
The reason why
I don't get so mad
Through any mess
You'd steal my dress
And wear it better
Than I ever had
Let's pre game
Before we go
We'll get there really late
And even miss the show
You'll take pictures
And I'll just be loud
When they see you by my side
They know that this big sister's proud
'Cause somehow you'll always
Be my little pumpkin pie
You are the big brown pair of eyes
That make me cry
You are the only sister
I'll have before I die
The one for me
'Cause nobody loves you
Like I love my Mary Lee
Like I love my Mary Lee
Like I love my Mary Lee
I love my Mary Lee
Today's the day
You turn twenty one
Some day you're 99
And that day I'll be gone
Let's not grow old
Let's not forget
On nights like this
We got too drunk
And smoked clove cigarettes
Married with children
Thirty years in time
You will ask how the years pass
And I will just say nevermind
You'll be wrinkly
I"ll be a prune
As long as I have you
I swear there's just no better doom
'Cause I think you love me
Better than anyone can see
And you are the reason
That I love this family
And I would die for you
I don't care if it sounds cheesy
'Cause I really love you
You are my little Mary Lee
You are my little Mary Lee
I really love my Mary Lee

Lyrics Casey Desmond Music Casey Desmond
Producer Casey Desmond Publisher Sound Museum Music
Performance Casey Desmond Label Sound Museum Music
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