Easy Day

Story Behind The Song

Remembering and wanting to take time out to rekindle the love

Song Description

Great driving song . Top down with your babe. remembering why you fell in love with her or him

Song Length 4:00 Genre R & B - Soul
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Cool Subject Madly In Love, Loving Marriage
Similar Artists Hall & Oates, Steely Dan


Easy Day
Music & Lyrics: Carl Gustave
Guitars & Lead Vocal: Carl Gustave
Keyboards: Emerson Nurse
Background Vocals: Carl Gustave
Drums: Ricardo Francios
Programing & Pro Tools HD Engineer: Carl Gustave

Ah Yeah, Keeping up our Love
Rushing home to see your face
Your smile takes me to a higher place

Time waits for no one
so let's run away
You and I we don't need no reason to hop on a plane
and fly ourselves away
No doubt about it it's time for us to leave
I've taken care of all the details babe it's just you and me
So come on girl let's find ourselves that private secret beach
You're gonna have to let em know that you'll be out of reach
Cause you and I are gonna have us some easy days...

Yeah, You and I keeping up our love

You see these days we hardly see one another And our love can't go on this way
So come on girl let's make us some time to play

Drink our wine take our timedoing anything and everything anywhere that we like.
Dancing slow and close to our favorite songs.
loving and hugging
and carrying on

Waking up to you is like a dream come true
Your love's refreshed me like a Caribbean breeze
I'm happy doing nothing as long as I'm spending time with you
So come on baby let's have us some easy days

We're keeping up our love, having us some easy days.
Gonna have us, gonna have us some Easy Days....

Lyrics Carl Gustave Music Carl gustave
Producer Carl Gustave Publisher Gustunes Music BMI
Performance Carl Gustave, Emerson Nurse, Ricardo Francios
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