Story Behind The Song

Started off as a screen play about a woman walking into a bar, a grifter, a hustler, then I decided to combine the elements of a screenplay (scene headers, camera directions, script jargon) to convey two narratives from two speakers. Verse 1 and 2 are sung, and tell you what this nomadic, self reliant, smooth woman does as she goes about town town. Then during the bridge after a one chord verse, two chord chorus, a more balanced 4 chord progression enables a odd ( yet funky keys solo) and a pure hip hop verse done by the other vocalist of our band. The hip hop utilizes the same type of script references, but calling it a flash back, and it's in this flash back that the glamour of this grifter is a little more grimey. She obviously tried being a stripper in Beverly Hills until she's propositioned by a pimp. Then the song cuts to the present day, echoing the first line, and a reinforcing this alternate history of this empowered woman by pointing out a knife scar, and her illustrating that she can't leave, before the credit rolls, despite her desire, which ultimately justifies the lyric in the chorus (or contrasts it) "Nowhere to Go, so"

Song Description

A funk, rock, and hip hop hybrid with smooth vocals, raw yet highly calculated hip hop comes together in a cinematic character study that offers two opposing portrayals of the lead character, a nomadic drifter who is actually from a hard background and is trapped by an Oklahoma pimp. The vocals are textured well over bass, hard hitting drums, funk guitar, a slide guitar that almost sounds like horns, and a poised keyboard work.

Song Length 3:25 Genre R & B - Funk, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Heartbreaking
Subject Crime, Theft, Money Similar Artists Beck, G. Love & Special Sauce
Language English Era 2000 and later


Interior. Dive Bar- High Noon
Stunning young blonde walking in,
Like She's some things, She's No one's fool.
Heels Click Clacking on the concrete
walking up orders up a strong drink.
She sips it slow,
Nowhere to Go, 'cause

She's nomadic, running through the town
She's nomadic, she get around
She's nomadic always running through the town.
She's nomadic- everwhere she goes.

Exterior Highway, next week
Sucker from the bar lost his wallet and his ID
His mistake, He took the bait.
Stop for speeding and she's wanted in a few states
But she always seem to get away
the look she gave, he didn't run her plates



Act 3, plot twist at the climax
Cut to a flashback, befre she got sudetracjed
She had a thumb to the breeze with a sign,
Saying "God Bless, could you lend a girl a dime"
Headphones, she really like a part,
says "I'm going to California with an aching in m heart,
Come the sunrise I'm going to make a new start
I've been memorizing lines so I'm playing up the part.
Stars on sunset blvd, they're pale grey
When you're making money on the avenues of L.A.
She Gonna be self made, She got to have it
With a Sticky Finer habit and some glitter on her lashes
AIded by an Okhlahoma Mack, his soul black ajoof
He rolled up in a Cadillac, window's down, Asked her like,
"You aint a working girl but everybody has a price
And if you're hungry we can go and get this cash tonight.

Cut to the present day: Interior Dive Bar- Camera close up on a knife scar.
She got her baggage and she wants to hit the road
before the credits roll, she's a nomad with nowhere to go


Lyrics Tyler Shelton Music Alex Goin
Producer Michael Day Performance Calico King
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