The Note/Take My Breath Away

Story Behind The Song

the above situation and a fear of bumping into your ex at a party or someplace- wondering how you'd act.

Song Description

waking up to find a dear john letter on the pillow next to you.

Song Length 5:57 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking Subject Loneliness, Regret


Edgar Butch Barnette

Woke up this morning
found a note beside my head
one I'd half expected
but one I'd come to dread
Note said babe you know that we just
don't get along
we fight too much too often
to know where we went wrong.
But babe you know you can't say
that we didn't give it a good try
but now you know the time has come
I've got to say

So why should I be so surprised?
I'd seen it coming in her eyes
It's not like I had no warning
It's just that until this morning
I didn't know how much really


It's been so long ago now
it won't mean much to you
but I've still got some old feelings
that I've yet to struggle through.
See, I've wondered since you left me
if things worked out well for you
I've wondered if I saw you now
would I know what to do?

Would it take my breath away
to see your face again?
Would I find myself with nothing much to say..
would it shatter the delusion I've been living to this day
that I'm better off without you now
since you've gone your own way.

Would you greet me like the lover
that I once was long ago?
Would you greet me like someone you wish
you'd never come to know?
would you greet me like an old friend
that you hadn't seen in years?
or would you rather just avoid me now
and not risk any tears?
(repeat chorus)

So now you know why I've not been places
I thought that you might be.
I'm just afraid of how I'd act, you see.
we've both got our own lives now
and I've got to live with that
no sense stirring up emotions
better off left in the

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