Song Length 5:31 Genre Rock - Alternative


And so it goes
I lost my head
Yeah it shows
I'd rather be left for dead
I knew for years
This day was coming dear
I knew I'd leave
Like the last one

Often times I'd slip away
And awful times I said things I didn't mean to say

And I'm feeling kinda lost
Right about now
Feel like I've paid the cost
Of getting out now

The chorus judges what I've done
They say it's made me into the man that I've become

I've become broken
Yeah I've become broken
I've become broken

And so it goes
The story ends
Another broken heart
But we've been there too

We've seen the past and we know what's up the road
Another man who has found what he's become

And I've become broken
I've become broken
I've become broken

Lyrics Bruce Westcott Music Bruce Westcott
Producer Bruce Westcott Label Rockdale Records
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