Letting Go

Story Behind The Song

I came to realize that my daughter was growing up. I needed to let go and let God. Even though they need boundaries, they also need to be let go.

Song Description

Very mellow. Has an almost Indie feel - folkish. Moving.

Song Length 4:44 Genre Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Moving, Engaging
Similar Artists James Taylor


It seemed it was yesterday that
You made your entrance into the world
It was music to my ears when
When I heard the Doctor say ?its a girl?

From cradle to crawling you had showed
Determination and resolve.
You started to stand and then you fell
But you got up and you stood tall

And then you tried to walk holding my hands
And I could see you needed to be free

Oh letting go. Its time to live and help you grow
Oh letting go. I give you to the one who knows
The path for your life The path He will show
Oh letting go

The path that you walked took you to school
A whole new world that taught you well
The poetry written was filled with dreams
And it brought you from your shell

And you expressed just how you felt
That you could give the gift that made you live

(Repeat Chorus)

Make sure you walk through the open doors
You?ll see what the Father has in store.

So now the time comes when you are grown
And I can?t seem to release
My nature is weak emotions high
But sweet surrender gives me peace

To know that He?s in control.
So you are free to serve God as you please.

Lyrics Bruce Niemchick Music Bruce Niemchick
Producer Bruce Niemchick Performance Bruce Niemchick
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