Christmas Is Here - With Jeff Kruizenga

Story Behind The Song

Jeff & I were doing some songs for a Christmas CD. This song came as I was reading and looking out our window at the snow. The song was actually "Winters Here", but Jeff suggested I change it to point to Christmas. - Thus "Christmas is here" was born.

Song Description

The song has a peaceful sound yet celebrating and reflective. Many images came to mind as the song was written, "Boxes filled with ornaments and tangled lights" for instance. We can all remember going to the basement or atttic to retrieve those seasona

Song Length 2:35 Genre Folk - Religious, Unique - Gospel
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Glad Subject Joy, Spirituality
Similar Artists Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith Language English
Era 2000 and later


A gentle breeze buries all the autumn leaves
A silkin layer white upon the ground.
Soon we'll say "Christmas is here".

Boxes filled with ornaments and tangled lights
Bows and garland draped upon a tree
Yes we'll say "Christmas is here".

School closings heavy clothing a smiling face
Gatherings for family things and saying grace.
Of all the things we've come to know a Christmas wish and promised snow
A season full of joy and peace.

The carolers are singing a familiar tune.
They lift angelic voices to the sky.
Lets me know Christmas is here.

Manger scenes and children's dreams are common place
We celebrate the birth thats from above.
As we say "Christmas is here"

School closings heavy clothing a snowmans face.
Decked out halls and stockings on the fireplace
Of all the things we've come to know, Christmas trees and mistletow.
Creating memories forevermore.

The time is here for Christmas cheer lets celebrate.
Lift your glass let not the evening pass.
before we say "Christmas is here".

Lyrics Bruce Niemchick & Jeff Kruizenga Music Bruce Niemchick & Jeff Kruizenga
Producer Bruce Niemchick & Jeff Kruizenga Performance Bruce Niemchick & Jeff Kruizenga
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