One of a Kind (brother elixir)

Song Description

Its about acceptance, everyone has something to offer, and thats what makes you one of a kind.

Song Length 2:59 Genre Rock - Alternative
Mood Welcoming, Cheerful Subject Snakes, Clothes
Similar Artists Beck, Foo Fighters Language English
Era 2000 and later


time after time I find the things that move me are right behind you and I and everything, you 're one,
(chorus) you're one, one of a kind (x4)
Dionysus is alive down on the third floor,
the 10,000 things that happened yesterday are no more
You're one of us, you're one of a kind (x3)
The ground does shake like an earth earthquake.
You're one of us, you're one of a kind
You're one of us, yes, you're one of a kind.

Lyrics Alex Jarvis Music Alex Jarvis
Producer Alex Jarvis Publisher none
Performance Brother Elixir Label none
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