Song Description

getting rid of that baggage or garbage in your life (pertains more to relationship split)

Song Length 3:09 Genre R & B - Funk, Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Stressed, Irritated Subject Disgust, Breaking Up
Language English Era 2000 and later


Get rid of it
Throw it o-o-out

Hasty, hasty little crumb
Gotta get up, gotta move on
Hey you, got the idea
to paint the picture
know when to leave it alone

Maybe now
things get rational
it's inevitable
you got to got to get away
leave the mess alone
yeah yeah yeah

You got to got to take out the garbage
yeah yeah yeah
mmm hmm

Get rid of it, throw it o-o-out
yeah, you got to leave it alone

Du du dap, du du dap
get rid of it
throw it o-o-out

Nasty, nasty little pest
divvy it up, swallow the rest
get real
and shake the dirt away
and pave a new way
clean the slate today

Come on down
it's believable
so predictable
you got to got to give it up
no good for you
you see it, don't you?

got to got to take out the garbage
yeah yeah yeah
du du dap

get rid of it
and throw it o-o-out

Racy, racy little flirt
follow the ropes
get all the perks
jump through all the hoops you can
to make a difference
then you get what you want

change your mind
it's emotional
almost terminal
you got to got to give it up

before it piles up and takes the toll
you got to got to
got to got to, got to got to take out the garbage

Lyrics Brigitte Music Brigitte
Producer Brigitte, Jeff Long, Dan Rothery Performance Brigitte

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