Long Forgotten World

Song Length 3:45 Genre Pop - Rock


Long Forgotten World
Lyrics by Brian Copeland. Copyright 2002. All rights reserved.

Love letters in her pocket
She holds her heart in a locket
Humming softly staring through the trees
On the porch swing she rides with the breeze

And as clocks slow down
I might be found
Dreaming lightly of her long forgotten world

In the moonlight I spot her
Flowing gowns turn to water
Smiles that step up to greet me
Like an angel passing by

And as time slows down
I might be found
Dreaming lightly of this long forgotten world

Stolen glances at midnight
Lazy minds, silent insight
Holding hands stepping lightly
Over glass-blown country sides

I have made up my mind
Let clocks unwind
And send me back to her long forgotten world

She?s a different kind
But I might just find I could love her
In her long forgotten world

Lyrics Brian Copeland Music Brian Copeland
Producer Brian Copeland/Josh Millman Performance Brian Copeland, Rob Schrecongost, Gene Ermel, Wayne Thompson, Tina Wenz, Chris Kokesh
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