Stephanie Todd- So Stupid

Song Length 3:21 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


You bought me flowers,
You wrote me poems,
You left sweet messages
On my phone,
You said you loved me
I loved you too,
I can?t believe that I fell for you

Cause everything that you said
I let it go to my head,
I believed you,
And I?m so stupid

I should have know from the start
To take a look at your heart
To second guess you
And not to trust you

Verse 2
Now I can?t see what I once saw in you
Your nothing like me
Your so cocky,
There?s other guys that will treat me right yeah
I don?t need this treatment ,
I don?t need your lies


Verse 3
I?m trying hard to let you go
But, I still love you so much
And I?m so stupid and I know it
But these emotions have me in control cause,


Repeat intro

Lyrics Stephanie Todd Music Stephanie Todd & Brendan Thomas
Producer Brendan Thomas Publisher SynergySound Entertainment, Inc.
Performance Electric Guitar-Scott Tarulli, Piano- Dennis Hughes Label SynergySound Entertainment, Inc.

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