Woman in the Mirror

Song Description

beautiful mother/daughter relationship song. Seeing reflections of your mother in yourself

Song Length 3:50 Genre Folk - Rock, Country - Rock
Subject Mother Language English


Looking in the mirror I was surprised to see your face
didn't even notice when the transformation took place
Never thought I'd ever be someone who looked like you
Mother dear I'm growing older and I'm changing my world view
Looking in your eyes I see the wisdome of your heart
Unconditional love even when I fell apart
As the years have passed me by
I might have learned a thing from you
Breakfast starts your day off right
But it's the love that'll get you through
Thought I knew everything about life and love
And everything that I could be
Thought I knew all that I could know about you
But you keep on teaching more about life and love and me
The womean in the mirror is growing stronger every day
Learning from each other and just trying to find our way
Gotta help each other to live a life that's free
The woman in the mirror, well she looks like you and me
The woman in the mirror, she looks like you and me

Lyrics Brenda David Music Brenda David
Producer Brenda David, Craig Spirko
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