My Beloved

Story Behind The Song

This is the first song that Beth Whitney and I ever wrote together. We wrote it in two hours and because of this tune, we ended up writing a whole record together just released titled, The Banner Days

Song Description

Love endures. But the passion that we feel, the zeal and romance, ebbs and flows. Sometimes, when things are rough, all you can do is hope.

Song Length 3:45 Genre Folk - Americana, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Moving, Restless Subject Relationship, Lover
Similar Artists The Civil Wars, The Lumineers Language English
Era 2000 and later


I am yours beloved and you are mine
I am overwhelmed by you, turn your eyes from mine
My Love, my perfect one

Fair as the moon, bright as the sun
Drawn like the stars in the sky, one by one
My Dove, my perfect one

Our love is like a raging fire and strong as the grave
No tide could ever pull us asunder, nor wash us away
My love, my perfect one

My beloved you are, my beloved, you are my beloved and I am yours
My beloved you are, my beloved, you are my beloved and I am yours

Come, back, to me, come, back to me

© Beth Whitney Music & Bradford Loomis Music 2013

Lyrics Bradford Loomis & Beth Whitney Music Bradford Loomis & Beth Whitney
Producer Brandon Bee Publisher Bradford Loomis & Beth Whitney
Performance Bradford Loomis & Beth Whitney
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