I Will Be Your Man

Song Description

A cheatin' song from the "the other guy's" POV

Song Length 3:52 Genre Country - Alternative


I Will Be Your Man © Kurt Griesemer

You wanna go home
You wanna stay here
So much to lose
So much fear

He'll be home soon
Looking for you
Whatcha gonna say?
Whatcha gonna do


Well it seemed so easy
You fell into my arms
Trying hold it together
While you're falling apart

Well it doesn't really matter
How it all began
Cause at the end of the day
I will be your man
I will be your man
I will be your man
At the end of the day
I will be your man
Those worry lines
Around your eyes
Your voice cracks
As you say goodbye

I know you don't mean
The words that you say
When you come back to me
Day after day

So baby close the door
And turn out the lights
Lay down here
It'll be alright

Well I won't let go
Until you understand
At the end of the day
I will be your man


Lyrics Kurt Griesemer Music Kurt Griesemer
Producer Kurt Griesemer Publisher Kurt Griesemer
Performance Kurt Griesemer, Craig Jewell, Carl Rozas, Jim Turk Label Kurt Griesemer

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