Washington (Demo)

Song Length 3:44 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Alternative


©2019 Greg Lambert

Promises are made
In the light of day
When the sun goes down
Darkness has its way

Where truth is bound
And locked in chains
Deceit runs free
And artifice reigns


In the heart of the capitol
A starving baby cries
The milk from the breast of politics
Has soured from inside

Deep in the waste of senators
There's a homeless bum
Sifting through the daily news
And delirium
Down in the slums
Of Washington

Integrity checked out
Took the last train south
Leaving only dust
And a trail of doubt

In the chronic drought
Of a country's pain
There's an orphan child
Praying for rain


Wonderful job like usual! Congratulations!!!

love this Greg, nice to hear you "live and alive"...WELL DONE DUDE...
nice rough work, i appreciate this allot man,,,
with respect

A pure statement. Needs a bit of work to make it stand out, but a good start.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert

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