Side Effects

Song Length 3:17 Genre Country - Rock


Side Effects
©2014 Greg Lambert

Johnny's in the basement
Tryin' to take his medicine
It has a warning issued by the government
You can get lockjaw, rickets and hives
Swallow your tongue, lose your life
You can turn green and look like Schrek
This medication may have side effects

Momma's in the ktchen fixin' up the dishes
Pappa's in the den busting out of his britches
They both decide to lose some weight
So they sprinkle their food with some cyclamates
Grew something gangly around their necks
This medication may have side effects

Side Effects, Side Effects
Making me a nervous wreck
It's enough to make you sick
I can't take these side effects

Johnny's at the clinic with a prescription
He's got a spasm and a conniption
Screaming dementia and toxic shock
Spreading like crazy up and down the block
It's an epidemic can't get no rest
This medication may have side effects



Consult your doctor
Use as directed
Don't take too many or too few
Put your left foot in
Put your left foot out
Do the hokey-pokey


Strong song with excellent lyrics. Really enjoyed it.

Piano was a good effect.overall instrumentation was good quality

Tulsa Time here we come.
Great Country Voice.
Sounds like John Rich?

Your voice is powerful. I like your voice.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Performance Railroad Trax Productions
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