Story Behind The Song

How things might have been if a young couple decided to have their child, and giving her a name after the fact: Marianne

Song Description

This song is about regreting a choice which was made mutually by a couple under pressure to choose to abort their child. The tone is non-judgemental, and not preachy; it is sung from the man's point of view at a time of realization that they would have had a daughter, and that she would have been named Marianne.

Song Length 4:28 Genre Folk - Religious, Country - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Peaceful Subject Sorrow, Spirituality
Similar Artists Mumford & Sons, Johnny Cash Language English
Era 2000 and later


© Greg Lambert

So near to life's beginning
A life came to an end
And I was just thinking she'd have a name
And what it would have been
Oh Marianne!

We made a tough decision
One that we could defend
There was this pressure to get ahead
And it was sink or swim
And we gave in


No lies, no crying
Nobody feels the pain
Nobody's dreams will ever be shattered
Time and time again

So near to life's beginning
We chose the parent plan
A safe termination of human life
Performed throughout our land
By healing hands


So near to life's beginning
We had the right to choose
While the right of our daughter to be secure
In her Mother's womb
Was refused


No lies, no crying
Nobody feels the pain
Nobody's dreams will ever be shattered
Time and time again

Forgive us Lord we've sinned
Forgive us Marianne

I have quickly discovered that all the "gold" in bj reviews is clustered in the Folk genre. OMG. The writing, the vocal performance, the songwriter here is stellar! Great job!

Enjoyable. Nice calming intro. Well balanced production. Enjoyed it......................

Love the sound, energy, and quality of the song. It was both sweet and joyful! Great effort!

Very enjoyable song. Good melody...nice guitar and nice vocals. I like the message.

Really like the style - story is excellent - so sweet

Good folk music. Vocal is very folk style and down to Earth. Chordal structure is strong and simple.

Nice melody and catchy, I like the arangement background vocal

Really catchy, nice progression, good song

Really cool hooky riff, solid instrumentation and musical. It has a good commercial quality
and sounds relevant for what is going these days. Well engineered and mixed.
well composed. Even though its 4:32 in length it does not feel long. Good job.

Really loved this. Listened three times. Deeply touching lyric.

Like the musicality of the song, and the message in the lyrics. This is something I would listen too and would like to hear more of your work.

Love the intro. Very cool. Makes me want to hear the rest of the song. I would guess that a song like this would have a good shot at being played on a Christian station. Don't know if main stream radio would want to play it, but I love this song. The topic needs to be spoken about. The lyrics are sweet, yet painful. The use of words really conveys the feel of this song. I like the contrast of a bouncy tune and a very serious/sad subject. It is done so damn well. I'm jealous of the lyrics and how this song is performed. You've got the happy and child-like music coupled with the sad lyrics coupled with a vocals that carry the sad message of a broken-hearted parent..........The arrangement is equally sweet. VERY original material, because there are not many people that will cover this subject. This song is absolutely awesome. I doubt any of the main stream stations would touch it, but there's got to be somewhere that would play this. Damn good message.

I had to give you high scores because this is something so many people have to live with, the choses they have made, is this a true story for you?

I can hear a semblance of a young Gordon Lightfoot (folk recording artist from Canada) in the vocal work on "Marianne" as a controversial subject. The song needs some technical improving to be ready for commercial release. It does have such a Folk feel that I enjoyed it as that's a great genre. Always dress your songs in the best way you can for the sake of the message and for the reason the song was written. Being a songwriter is a responsibility to the listener / customer to make a product worthy to last the test of time which will give you the best advantage as a songwriter to succeed in your craft. I look forward to reviewing more of this songwriter's works in the future. Thank you for sharing with me.

Wow, this is an amazing song. At first I was having difficulty following the story line. The music/instrumentation seemed so happy, but the subject matter, the sanctity of human life and abortion, is dark. I couldn't figure out where you were going with it till the end of the song, when I breathed a sigh of relief that you regretted the decision to abort the innocent child, and asked for forgiveness.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
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