Killing Time

Song Length 3:03 Genre Rock - General
Era 2000 and later


Killing Time
©2016 Greg Lambert

Killing time in the grocery line
Alien baby looking like a porcupine
The wolf-man and Kardashian
Hiding in a bunker with a twenty year supply of spam

Rolling down the road on the highway of idle minds
Looking all around for anyone who wants to hitch a ride
Killing time

Killing time all night online
Candy Crush Saga, cigarettes and a bottle of wine
Blurry eyes on the prize
Making a killing the land of the hypnotized



They say time is money but I think they're wrong
But if it is I'm gonna waste it ...gonna waste it till it's dead and gone
C'mon, Kill me some...(instrumental)


Killing time
Killing time
Killing time...

Like the grocery line concept to start a song :) And any reference to spam is always welcome.

This sounded like Doobie Brothers immediately. Nice energy and I can listen to melodic rock all day. Players and vocals all solid.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Producer aerugo productions
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