Cloudy Nights And Rainy Days

Song Length 3:30 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Classic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Loneliness, Sadness Similar Artists David Gray, Ed Sheeran
Language English Era 2000 and later


Cloudy Nights and Rainy Days
©2014 Greg Lambert

I'm staring at the sky
As the dawn approaches
I've been up all night
With your memory

It's so hard to see
Through these emotions
Where are the stars?
I can't find the moon
We said goodbye
Way too soon


The sky is blue when we're together
When you're gone everything turns grey
My heart's been under the weather
In these cloudy nights and rainy days

We used to live like there's no tomorrow
I can hear you laugh like it's yesterday
I remember you even in my sorrow
You're the sun in all this rain
I hope we can try again


Beautifully well done and touching piece with very nice vocals. Piano work is awesome.

I like the singer's voice, it has a small raspy quality. I like the change of phrasing and melody for the choruses from the verses. The payoff of the chorus makes it as Americana as it is Country I think. Not a bad thing,

Nice job on this. vocals really nice. witty lyric. good production. you captured that warm friendly vibe which is so hard to convey!

Nicely done! Right from the start, you can hear that the instruments and vocals are well recorded. Like the piano playing very much, simple but very effective, reminds me of Elton John who is one of my favourites. The lead vocal sounds awesome, very upfront in the mix which works very well with this type of song. The harmony is well done and nicely placed in the mix.

A very nice song indeed!

Nice hook in the chorus

A great example of a Greg Lambert pop song with a good pop vocalist. Greg you need to post on your credit page this vocalist's name to "give credit where credit is due". Remember that the listeners or consumers of a song always relates the song with the singer first and not the songwriter. This is one thing that as a professional in the music recording industry (as NARAS also supports) is giving the credit to those involved in any recording of original material for a good reason as many contributors to good work need notation. Remember it also protects the copyright & publishing rights of the songwriter indirectly this way as well.
So this is my best advice for all musical compositions that I have followed for many years while learning the business of songwriting that the legalities are part of the songwriting music recording business as well as the creativity. We never need to find out years later mistakes in not knowing to do something which seems to be the same message of your "Cloudy Nights & Rainy Nights".
Again Greg you have done a great songwriting job as well as picking a good demo studio for "Cloudy Nights & Rainy Days" song in my opinion. Good musical hook in this song carries it through a pleasant ride even though the subject is actually sad "we said goodbye way too soon" but with hope with the lyrics "you're the sun in all this rain I hope we can try again".
Please keep going in this direction of your songwriting work as you are building an outstanding catalog of Greg Lambert Songs. I'm proud for having seen your progress over the year and honored you present them to me to give my professional song review. I look forward to doing more song reviews for any of your songs in the future as well. Hopefully one day I will also be able to cast my vote for a Greg Lambert song on the ballot for the Grammy's with knowing your steps that you have accomplished in getting there so they'll be no more "Cloudy Nights & Rainy Days". Thank you!

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