This be My Intro(boxing)

Song Description

Boxing intro

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Gangsta
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Aggressive, Delighted
Subject General, Other Language English
Era 2000 and later


bombshell baller in the place
aka michelle chase
i can bake a cheese cake
and then break yo cheesy face
me, Im just like a flower in bloom
I got the skills to pay the bills and the power to make a boom
gimme a girl to toss around the ring
that's how i pay the bills and how i buy my things
im jsut gonna talk, i dont really sing
so listen real close make sure you get everything
my jab is vicious and my *uh-oh* is delicious
im to quick theres no way you can hit this
i caught you once and ill catch u again
havent you heard? im the baddest Pefect Ten
girl you better get crackin
cuz my fist they are attackin
and when i do my thing in the ring
youll wish you had some backing
im quick never lackin
while ur stale moves are slackin
bombshell baller makes the party happen
now you feeling like your at the drive through and shit,
wit my 6 piece combo still hanging from ur lip
let me double the order
shit, ill just make it a trip
itd suck to be you, busted grills aren't hip.
my flurys keep going like a heavy oil spill
can you please ask your mom to chill
its not like I forced you to write your name on the bill
fulfill I will go in for the kill this deal is sealed how does losing feel?
Ur all weak and lookin like alley mcbeal
While Im strong and tough like a navy seal
Im not mandel and I wont make a deal
Thres my 2 cents go buy your self a meal
Not fake like your tits
Which cant sustain my hits
DP gets tired when i hit the mits
go on and run dat game and see what happens
I got your nose all bloody
Hey I think you need dome napkins
Bust your lip and you wallet Swell ur eye and my pocket
Ill be counting my scrill while ur arms outta socket
when i knock your ass out
the crowd cant help but shout
cuz when I do I got a cigg hanging from my mouth and a cup in my hand
its only been a min, but you runnin in sand
ill rock your head like I rock the bed
to keep up with me you better be well fed or like jesus malador I might leave you dead
sorry babe your going down bombshell baller is the best pound for pound
just take a look around ay yo you be the bone ill be the hound
you know im here you smell trees when im near
no need to run baby im here for fun baby
when its all said and done ill still love you a ton baby
its not your fault im light as a feather and can storm any weather
lets stay together ma? gimmie some leather

Lyrics Michelle Music The Burns Brothers
Producer Michelle


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