Love Led Me Here

Song Description

A walking-down-the-aisle ballad about feeling like you've been led into the right relationship by a higher power.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Joyful, Peaceful
Subject Marriage Language English


I've traveled far, I've traveled wide
My lonely star my only guide,
Til love led me here
To your side

I've run around, I've run away
Ive gone aground and I've gone astray
But love led me here
So here's where I'll stay

Love led me here
Without my even knowing
Love led me here
I finally see it's true
And all of those years
The comings and the goings
Were just the winding road
The winding road that brought me home to you

I prayed for love to show the way
The Lord above must have heard me pray
Cause love led me here
And here's where I'll stay

Love led me here
Without my even trying
Love led me here
Into your sweet embrace
And I want you near
Until the day I'm dying
I'll ask for nothing more
Than waking up each day to see your face

I've never known what leads to love
There's one thing only I'm certain of
Love led me here
Love led me here
Into your love
Your sweet love

Lyrics Bob Stillman Music Bob Stillman
Producer Bob Stillman/Marty Rifkin Publisher ©Tylerama Music (Ascap)
Performance Bob Stillman vocals & keys, marty Rifkin Guit, pedal steel & bass
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