Walters Tango

Song Length 4:09 Genre Latin - Tango, World - South American
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Poignant, Moving Subject Suicide, Unrequited Love
Similar Artists Jean-Luc Ponty, Randy Newman Language No Language
Era 2000 and later
Lyrics TMC Music TMC
Producer TMC Publisher Gatorlegs
Performance Walter Rios Quintet Label NA
This track is on 91 Member Playlists
Playlist Creator Playlist Name Date Added
Roy Elkins Latin 2019 11/19/2018
Roy Elkins Overall 2019 11/19/2018
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Classical Romantic 11/20/2016
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Inspiring 4/20/2016
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Unique 4/20/2016
Abram Band Unique Sounds Placed In Composition! 1/11/2016
Abram Band Artist's & Composer's Passionate Soul's Exceptional Works 1/11/2016
Abram Band Sending Hope For Your Award 1/9/2016
Abram Band Cinematic Masters 1/9/2016
Abram Band Core Industry Greats In Film 1/9/2016
Abram Band Passionate Love Music & Songs 1/9/2016
Abram Band Pro Masters 1/9/2016
Abram Band Composers That Take you Up & Out Beautiful! 1/9/2016
Abram Band Passionate Film's Best 1/9/2016
Abram Band Passionate Artist 1/9/2016
Abram Band Best Unique Instrumentals Pro 1/9/2016
Abram Band Best Sounds & Writing 1/9/2016
Abram Band Descriptive Best Unique Sound Tracks 1/9/2016
Abram Band Music That Speaks Volumes 1/9/2016
Abram Band Live to Give 1/9/2016
Abram Band Creative Works Expressive Work Projected 1/9/2016
Abram Band Best Writing And Arrangements 1/9/2016
Abram Band Beyond Top Ten's Sails! 1/9/2016
Abram Band Expressive Music In Motion 1/9/2016
Abram Band Play That Guitar! 1/9/2016
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Just love it! 1/4/2016
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Longing 12/30/2015
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Worldmusic 12/30/2015
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Sadness 12/30/2015
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Nostalgic 12/30/2015
Cyndi Corkran Bobby and Leslie 8/23/2015
Cyndi Corkran Dreamy 8/23/2015
Cyndi Corkran Songs of the Spirit 8/23/2015
Cyndi Corkran Dance Favorites 8/23/2015
Cyndi Corkran Songs of mystery & beauty 8/23/2015
Cyndi Corkran Latin Flavor 8/23/2015
Cyndi Corkran My Top Songs 8/23/2015
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Latin 6/14/2015
Abram Band Best Production's 6/5/2015
Abram Band Passion To Finish The Work We All Do 6/5/2015
Abram Band BroadJam Family 6/5/2015
Abram Band A Journey To Your Ears 6/5/2015
Abram Band Music With A Orginal Style 5/15/2015
Abram Band Best of the Very Best Encouragement 5/9/2015
Abram Band Your Fingerprint's Across The World Music 5/9/2015
StarburstRecords Extraordinary Artist At Work 5/3/2015
Abram Band When you need Hope! 5/3/2015
Abram Band The Time Is Now! 5/3/2015
StarburstRecords Extraordinary Tango 5/1/2015
StarburstRecords imho, 1 of the best songs on bj 5/1/2015
Abram Band Romance is Love & Truth 4/29/2015
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Abram Band Honest Reflections From The Soul 4/29/2015
Abram Band Sent Me 4/29/2015
Abram Band From The Fields Of Your Heart 4/29/2015
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Abram Band World Music 4/27/2015
Abram Band Best Artist's 4/27/2015
Abram Band Will Move You 4/27/2015
Abram Band Across The World Music & Love 4/27/2015
Abram Band Instrumentals That Hold Your Soul Captive! 4/27/2015
Abram Band Gathers Peace Within The Soul 4/27/2015
Abram Band World Music to Enlighten Your Mind 4/27/2015
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Abram Band Outstanding Musicianship! 4/27/2015
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Abram Band Dynamic 21st Century Cinematic 4/27/2015
Abram Band Inspire Your Heart 4/27/2015
Abram Band Best Instrumental Arrangements 4/27/2015
Abram Band Instrumental Wonders 4/27/2015
Abram Band Best Of Best 4/27/2015
Abram Band Dramatic Works 4/27/2015
Abram Band Best Sound Tracks 4/27/2015
Abram Band Best Productions Just Amazing 4/27/2015
Abram Band Top Songs & Music Tracks 4/27/2015
G. Edwin Craig Real Music 4/23/2015
G. Edwin Craig Heartfelt 4/23/2015
G. Edwin Craig From The Soul 4/23/2015
G. Edwin Craig Peaceful & Serene 4/23/2015
G. Edwin Craig Awesomeness 4/23/2015
StarburstRecords Outstanding Musicianship 4/19/2015
StarburstRecords Outstanding Instrumental Track 4/19/2015
StarburstRecords Outstandingly Well Writen 4/19/2015
StarburstRecords Outstandingly Unique 4/19/2015
StarburstRecords Killer Tracks 4/19/2015
StarburstRecords My Top Songs 4/19/2015
StarburstRecords Outstanding Tango 4/19/2015
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim My Top Songs 2/16/2015
Christoph Emmanuel Langheim Tango 12/3/2014

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