The Boogie Man's Comin'

Story Behind The Song

Intended to be a dedication to Jeff Beck, this is a song about mean, mischievous guitar playing.

Song Description

Burning blues rock.

Song Length 3:27 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


It's been ten long years since the snake last bit;
Fortunate times in the life of a tramp
Lookin' for some dirt
Gonna put it to work
I'll make disease come right outta my amp
I come to mess with you-what you gonna do?
The Boogie Man's Comin'

A dream can't come true till you first fall asleep
Come take a good, strong whiff of my spice
Rest and let me creep-the toll just might be dear
But the finest cost no more than buying the cheapest twice
And when I'm finally through- I'll scare the blues outta you
The Boogie Man's Comin'

Boogie Man's comin'-better hold down your goods Nail your bass to the floor Boogie Man's comin'- better buy the weeks food You get a shot, you'll wanna buy more, more, more
Boogie Man's comin'-better play what he wants
Hit that drum on the rim
Don't you misplace a beat, buddy, you may not survive
The fix that you get yourself in
The Boogie Man's Comin'

Well I see what there is, I take only the best
You can have the root, I'll take the flower
While you're tryin' to compare, I'll bite you and then be gone
Having relieved you of your blues power
Feel kinda' weak and light?
Just my brand of stage fright
The Boogie Man's Comin'

Lyrics Bobby Manriquez Music Bobby Manriquez
Producer Bobby Manriquez Publisher Bobby Manriquez (b-side blues/ASCAP)
Performance Bobby Manriquez (vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, effects), Nils Lofgren (piano), Bruce Guttridge (drums) Label b-side blues records
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